Adverse Effects Of Sports Drink On Teens’ Dental Health


Do your teens love and drink sports drinks? Do you know any effects that these drinks have on their teeth? Sports drinks are drinks that are usually used to replenish lost electrolytes and water from the body through sweating. These drinks are normally used after dynamic physical activities. The drinks can contain carbohydrates, electrolytes, caffeine, vitamins and proteins. The carbohydrates are in the form of sugar. This sugar has been linked to adverse effects on teen’s teeth.

43t5y65yeh5y3One of the reasons why many teens like sports drinks is because the drinks have high sugar content. Most teens like sweet taste and so a sports drink is a favorite for many. Additionally, teens who engage in physical activities gets significantly dehydrated. Therefore they usually carry sports drinks so as to quench their thirst and get rehydrated. The sports drinks have also become easily available to teens at affordable prices. But several studies have shown that these sports drinks have numerous adverse effects on teen’s teeth. It is important to know these effects so as to avoid these drinks or reduce their intake

Sports drinks’ adverse effects on teens’ dental health

They cause toothaches and bleeding

Sports drinks have high acidity levels. When teens consume these drinks, they increase acidity level in the mouth. This destroys the good bacteria needed to facilitate the breakdown of food in the mouth and promotes the growth of bad bacteria. The bad bacteria starts damaging the enamel, causing gums to bleed and eventually toothaches.

The acid in the mouth also erodes the teeth creating holes that cause toothaches. The high sugar content in sports drinks also creates conducive breeding environment for bad bacteria. These bacteria feed on the enamels resulting to bleeding gums and toothaches. Many teens who use sports drinks for a longer time usually complain of bleeding gums ad toothaches.

They cause tooth decay and erosion

g54y675ytu6yjghfgdMost of the sports drinks contain high acid and sugar levels. These two ingredients damage the teeth’s surface causing tooth decay. The acid erodes the enamels of the teeth, making the teeth vulnerable to cavities. If this continues for some time, the teeth start decaying.

The adverse effects of sports drinks on teen’s dental health are evident and have been proven through a series of research. These effects are irreversible and therefore can cause permanent dental health problems. It is recommended for teens to avoid or significantly reduce consumption of sports drinks so as to avoid developing dental health problems.